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Our intent is to enhance Campogalliano and its heritage that combines history, culture, nature and gastronomy.

We want to stimulate your curiosity and invite you to discover the little treasures placed in this town in the middle of Emilia, not far from Modena, Carpi and Reggio Emilia. You'll find a good place rich in stories of commitment, work and emotions, a welcoming place, a land of delicious food  and good living… We are waiting for you!

The project “Welcome to Campogalliano. Take a walk in the City of Scales ” started in 2022 and is supported by Fondazione Modena, created by the Municipality of Campogalliano in collaboration with Libra 93 and sponsored by Regione Emilia Romagna and Touring Club Italiano - Consoli dell'Emilia Romagna.


The quote is taken from the book "Quel gran pezzo dell’Emilia" by Edmondo Berselli


Antique postcards

Pictures taken from the exhibition “Greetings from Campogalliano. Historical postcards from the Ermanno Zanotti collection", Museo della Bilancia, summer 2017.

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