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05 - Art and Architecture

Training to see beauty is important. It strengthens wellbeing and in the same time it helps to take care of all that surrounds us.

In Campogalliano you can find architectures and artistic elements capable of enchanting the eye but also of feeding reflections and thoughts.

Totale 4K leggero.00_23_11_00.Immagine013.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_18_36_00.Immagine014.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_18_46_00.Immagine015.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_23_41_00.Immagine016.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_16_51_06.Immagine003.jpg
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