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04 - Measurements everywhere

Inside the Museum in Campogalliano you'll find scales and weighing instruments but also antiques instruments for length, capacity and more.

We live in a world of measurements and the evolution of science and technology is closely linked to the evolution of metrology, the science of measurement.

But there are things impossible to measure…

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Totale 4K leggero.00_14_25_05.Immagine039.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_15_04_09.Immagine041.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_14_52_10.Immagine040.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_15_15_02.Immagine042.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_16_25_11.Immagine043.jpg
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