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03 - Mankind and measures

The scale is an instrument that goes hand in hand with the history of humanity.

It is both a familiar and a very ancient instrument.

We often find its presence in daily life, but it is also curious to note how it has evolved with similar shapes worldwide.

Totale 4K leggero.00_09_50_05.Immagine032.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_12_52_08.Immagine034.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_12_05_03.Immagine033.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_13_53_06.Immagine037.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_13_36_17.Immagine036.jpg
Totale 4K leggero.00_13_20_03.Immagine035.jpg
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